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The cold reaches of space The Parting Gift Three days had already passed on their transport to the next location, yet Darius still smarted from the newest set of orders they recieved. It was strange, in that the data packet did not include a target photo and information, only a set of coordinates that had already linked itself into the ship’s AI navigation. What was even more peculiar was that the data was more akin to a virus- locking the manual controls and darkening the control panels. The ship was effectively stuck in their plotted course, and should any pursuers or raiders attempt to take their ship, they would have no options for defense nor escape. The communique had come suddenly, soon after the Claw had broken orbit from Urdesh. While Darius’ team had escaped detection and identification by the planet’s defense forces, their ship had no Astropath to assist with warp travel. The ship was swift, but definitely not meant for deep-space travel. If they were required to travel to another segment of the known universe, it might have taken months to arrive at the destination. The inquisitor’s point of contention had two facets- the first and foremost was his supposed “exclusive” relationship with Inquisitor Falk. As team leader, he was to be the voice of the operation- the team answered to him, and he answered in turn to their mastermind.

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That the Promethean ActivPanels on Balance Box mobile stands and NEC displays on Peerless wall mounts and installation be approved by the Board as presented. Capital funds.

Wednesday, September 28, Promethean: You know, that big thing taking up all that space in your room? You don’t have to be a pro at using Activinspire to get a lot of use out of your board. We’ve talked about getting resources and we’ve talked about importing things into the software. But, you probably want to get more uses out of the board while you learn. Ok, so maybe you are overloaded with interim reports, benchmarking, and just actually inspiring the kids to listen to you.

But at some point, deep down inside, you know you want to learn how to be an Activinspire pro. And that might be overwhelming too, especially if you aren’t as tech savvy as you’d like to be. We’ll take a little bit at a time. That big thing taking up all that space in front of the room needs some love though. So this week I’ll tell you how to get more mileage out of board and out of your lessons.

When you turn the board on, the pen acts as a mouse. You can use the pen on the board without even having Activinspire open.

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Uncategorized Anil Sonune The following blog entry explains what a Wiimote Whiteboard is, what it does, and how to build one. The center of any 21stcentury classroom has to be the interactive whiteboard. But we all know the main problem. In , researcher Johnny Chung Lee made a 5-minute video that changed the face of the interactive whiteboard market.

What Johnny had discovered was that the Wiimote — the remote control that accompanies the Wii video game console — contained hardware sophisticated enough to simulate an interactive whiteboard. Science Content The basic idea is this: Johnny figured out that he could do pretty much the same thing but, rather than moving the Wiimote, he would move the infrared light.

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Alliteration at its finest! I claim poetic license on that “P-Friday”. Here are two of my favorite things we did this week. I shared earlier how I had acquired a Promethean ActivSlate to use in my classroom.

Mar 07,  · Create Tic Tac Toe Board Kits (Board, questions on cards, typed up questions and answers, X’s and O’s, score sheets). I use rubber bands to collate, baggies to put things in, and paper clips to hook it all to the board.

Common Projector Problems and Solutions Problem Projector is not turning on when pushing the power button. Make sure the outlet in which the projector is connected has power. Some projectors also have “indicator” or “status” LED lights on the control panel. If this light is on or flashing please refer to your owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website for solutions and explanations. Projector is not getting a signal or is not projecting the computer picture.

Check to make sure you are on the current input.

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Not only did I get to see a group of children use it, but I got to use it, too. At first glance, the ActivTable looks like a giant iPad. However, it is so much more. The ActivTable is a collaboration tools where up to six users can interact at one time.

Promethean Troubleshooting Checklist Table of Contents this is an indication of a term Promethean calls “jumping.” 1. Power the board off and then on again. Touch the pen to the board again. Activboard has had trouble booting up. Unhook the board and restart. If the flame is purple, the Activboard has been shut down improperly.

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News Shares Most of the document cameras made in the last two or three years have a very cool feature that is often overlooked. Typically, the document camera is hooked up to the computer projector and the computer is hooked up to the document camera. The signal from the computer passes through the document camera, and the teacher or student switches back and forth between the two devices by pressing a button on the document camera.

However, it is possible for many of these document cameras to connect them to the computer and have the image from the camera appear as a window on the computer. If you are using an interactive white board, this lets you use the screen capture and annotation tools of your white board software to work with the live image from the document camera. You can also directly capture images and video from the camera.

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John Dewey’s Quest for Unity: The Journey of a Promethean Mystic Published: By this criterion,” he reckons, “John Dewey must be the greatest philosopher of all time” 9.

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