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Judaism Spices Although a tiny minority in modern India, Jews have a long history on the subcontinent, and in fact, it is home to several distinct Jewish communities. They remain a small but important presence in Kochi, a trading hub on the Kerala coast since ancient times. Also existent are the Bene Israel, believed to have arrived some 2, years ago; they settled in and around Mumbai and in present day Pakistan. More recent arrivals were the Baghdadi Jews, so called because they are chiefly descended from Iraqi Jews who migrated to India during the British Raj , between – years ago. India’s most prominent Jewish community—considered one of the oldest in the world east of Iran—remains the one in Kochi. Although very few members of the community remain, most having long since emigrated to Israel, the Kochin Jews were and are an important part of the Kerala coast’s spice trade, with huge warehouses containing mountains of turmeric, chillies, and pepper located directly below their family living quarters.


See Article History Alternative Title: Land of Lamps Kerala, southwestern coastal state of India. It is a small state, constituting only about 1 percent of the total area of the country. Kerala stretches for about miles km along the Malabar Coast , varying in width from roughly 20 to 75 miles 30 to km. It is bordered by the states of Karnataka formerly Mysore to the north and Tamil Nadu to the east and by the Arabian Sea to the south and west; it also surrounds Mahe , a segment of the state of Puducherry , on the northwestern coast.

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It is as loved by Indians as it is by foreigners who throng here in large numbers to admire its beauty. The city was first mentioned in Mahabharata as Agrevana which means the border of the forest. It was later established by Sikandar Lodi of the Lodi Dynasty in the sixteenth century who built many structures including forts, step wells, mosques, etc in Agra. He moved his capital from Delhi to Agra and after his death, his son ruled the city for nine years.

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Best Time to Visit Trip Planner You can now add pages from around our site to your own customisable trip whenever you see this icon. Click the icon to create your first trip. Mattancherry Palace was built by the Portuguese in as a gift to the Raja of Cochin in exchange for trading rights. It was renovated by the Dutch in and thus became know as the Dutch Palace. The layout follows the traditional Keralan pattern of “nalukettus” four buildings.

Beautiful 17th century murals depict the story of the Ramayana and Mahabharata, painted with vegetable and mineral based colours and pine resin. The Jewish Synagogue was built in in what is locally called Jew Town.

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Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva. Who can here proclaim it? Whence, whence this creation sprang? Gods came later, after the creation of this universe.

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There is no building for visitors and no amenities. Most tourists go to the historic area in Mattencherry and Fort Kochi. It is not possible to walk to either the historic area or the modern city center. The harbor with dredge material everywhere Inside the port gates there are numerous taxis and representatives of tuk-tuks, three wheeled open vehicles.

For the best price, however, go outside the port gate and negotiate with cab and tuk-tuk drivers. Whether you take a taxi or a tuk-tuk, haggle and clearly decide on the price before entering the vehicle. The mass of tuk-tuks waiting just off the dock There are also public buses and ferries available but the tuks-tuks are so much more convenient, fun and cheap that the alternatives are not worth pursuing. The tuk-tuks give you a chance to enjoy all the sights, sounds, and smells of India without sore feet.

The Government of India Tourist Office lies in the vicinity of the port near the Taj Malbar Hotel and has a free walking guide of the major sites.

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By the end of your trip, for sure you will have discovered the many faces of India, for better or worse and immersed yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of this incredible country. Some travellers end up spending months in Goa or Kerala alone but based on the time you might need to see the best of each destination and have enough time to get around the country which can be very time-consuming then 2 months should be sufficient and weeks would be more relaxed.

India is very cheap to get around by train and food and accommodation is also inexpensive. Real shoestring types should be able to get by on less than this by travelling on insanely cheap sleeper class trains and eating in more local restaurants, although your body might not always take kindly to either experience.

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With a history dating back millennia, a rich and varied landscape and a fast developing economy, India is an important destination for leisure seekers and business travellers alike. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. The influence of its imperial rulers — such as the Muslim Mughals and Christian British — mixed with ancient tribal cultures and dynasties makes India an eclectic mix of tradition and culture.

India is unique in the world for its ability to harmonise multiple cultures, ethnicities and religions. Tourists flock to India for its rich history as well as its stunning beaches and, once there, they witness first hand the intoxicating enigma that is India. Visitors are overwhelmed by the colours, smells, bustling cities and the beautiful landscapes, and by the welcoming hospitality of the Indian people. The white marble mausoleum was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife.

The Pink City of Jaipur , with its stunning forts, palaces and temples, must be seen to be believed. Take a trip up to Amritsar to see the holiest Sikh shrine, the magical Golden Temple. Relax and unwind of the stunning tropical beaches of Goa. Seek adventure in the Himalayan village of Manali. On the way, stop in the pilgrim town of Haridwar , where the Ganges emerges from the mountains into the plains of India.

Lose yourself in the holy city of Varanasi, the oldest continuously inhabited city in India. While immersing yourself in the culture, it will be easy to understand how this enticing city gave birth to the Bollywood film industry.