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Colombo — the commercial capital of Sri Lanka Kandy — the spiritual heart of the country, home to a tooth of the Buddha Nuwara Eliya — has the coolest climate in Sri Lanka and mountains covered with Tea plants Anuradhapura — ruins of ancient capitals partially restored Polonnaruwa — ruins of ancient capitals partially restored Batticaloa — the main town in eastern region- Called land of singing fish. Jaffna — the northern Capital of Sri Lanka Galle — a home for a Dutch fort, and a a gathering point for travelers from the nearby beach resort villages Ratnapura — City Of Gems, nothing much for tourists Other destinations[ edit ] Negombo – Dutch and Portuguese colonial remains Kalpitiya – Peninsula with isolated remote beaches like Alankuda,Kandakuliya public beach and Kudawa on the west coast. Wilpattu National Park – The largest national park in Sri lanka. Known for natural lakes , wildlife including a wide variety of birds Sigiriya – The right spot to climb the beautiful Sigiriya rock. Kitulgala – Pristine wet zone rain forest, white water rafting for adventure seekers- 4 hours from Colombo Bentota – Popular beach resort town on the south west coast, nearby Induruwa beach is one of the best beaches in Sri lanka Balapitiya – Balapitiya is a coastal town, in south west Sri Lanka. It is located in the Southern Province in Sri Lanka. Visit now, before concrete hotels start to appear.

Galle Lighthouse

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The Galle Lighthouse, or Pointe de Galle Light as it was also known, was the very first light station to be built in Sri Lanka. Dating back to ; the lighthouse was built by the British to ensure the safe arrival of their ships at the Galle harbour.

Sri Lanka A constitutional crisis gripping Sri Lanka since the president’s shock dismissal of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe erupted into violence Sunday, with a man shot dead and two others injured in Colombo. Police said bodyguards for a Sri Lankan cabinet minister allied to Wickremesinghe opened fire inside a government ministry as a mob loyal to President Maithripala Sirisena besieged the minister’s office. Three people were injured but a year-old man died shortly after.

It was the first fatality since Sirisena sacked Wickremesinghe on Friday and installed a former strongman as prime minister, triggering political chaos in the Indian Ocean nation. Wickremesinghe has refused to vacate the prime minister’s official residence, barricading himself inside as over 1, supporters, including chanting Buddhist monks, rallied outside.

The year-old says his sacking is illegal, and wants an emergency session of parliament held to prove he still commands a majority. Sirisena shut parliament for nearly three weeks to forestall any challenge to his appointment of Mahinda Rajapakse, a former president accused of wartime abuses. Rajapakse sought blessings at a prominent Buddhist temple Sunday as he jostled to consolidate his claim to the prime ministership.

But Wickremesinghe got a boost as Sri Lanka’s parliamentary speaker refused to endorse his sacking.

Cultural values and etiquette

The remains of this history can still be seen everywhere from its cobblestoned streets, to the historic monuments, to the many still functional structures such as the Galle Lighthouse. Dating back to ; the lighthouse was built by the British to ensure the safe arrival of their ships at the Galle harbour. This original structure stood Its light was made with a prism lens of glass, which floated in a bath of mercury to reduce friction ; and was powered by a weight driven machine.

This lighthouse was destroyed in The current lighthouse structure was built in ; erected within the walls of the ancient Galle Fort with a height of

Wedding customs. The Buddhist views on marriage are very liberal. In Buddhism, marriage is considered as personal and individual concern, and not as a religious duty.

Levels of Fitness Levels of Fitness To get the most from your Bunnik tour you will need a good level of fitness and mobility and an open mind. Many of the best sights can only be accessed on foot. You should be able to walk at least 3. You should also be able to carry your own bags – porterage is not included in our tipping costs and extra services may not always be available.

Here’s what others have had to say about this tour. A Taste of Sri Lanka Well designed to provide variety of experiences throughout. The Kandy Festival awesome! Meeting and eating with local farmers, the stunning beauty of the hill country, magnificent Botanic Gardens of Peradeniya Visiting the temples and learning the history of Sri Lanka. Climbing the famous rock fortress of Sigiriya, seeing over wild elephants close up and visiting the local people and enjoying their home cooked food.

And the little unexpected extra experiences such as the massages. Excellent hotels and yummy food! The relaxed way the locals approached us, no pressure upon us to buy. I adored the experiences with the closeness to the wildlife especially the elephants.

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Whatever the truth of this, Moorish gem-traders were frequent visitors to Ratnapura, the provincial capital, in the centuries before the European arrival, and the area still houses a large and vibrant Muslim community whose members remain prominent in the local gem trade. The teas of Sabaragamuwa, like those of Ruhuna, are mainly low-grown. Its estates range in elevation from sea level to around m 2, ft. The highest estates lie just below the boundaries of the Sinharaja and Peak Wilderness nature reserves and share in the microclimatic conditions produced by the rainforests, cloud forests and high, grassy plains endemic to this region.

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First Time Shopping in Phuket

There is simply nothing a tourist could not do in Sri Lanka except for snow sports of course. Knowledge Share your knowledge about Sri Lanka, a geographically diverse country with a rich cultural history dating back years. Shopping What and where to buy when you are in Sri Lanka. Find out the best shopping destinations and the best souvenirs available. Welcome to Sri Lanka Travel Guide! Browse through our pages for information on reliable ways to travel, the best hotels to stay in, fascinating tours of our island, breathtaking beaches, awe inspiring waterfalls, the amazing palette of Sri Lankan food and the colourful culture and lifestyle.

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Flag of Sri Lanka , Coat of arms of Sri Lanka , and Sri Lankan anthem The National symbols of Sri Lanka are the symbols that represent the country and its people within Sri Lanka and abroad, and these also represent the country’s traditions, culture, history and geography. The national symbols of Sri Lanka are the national anthem, national flag, national emblem, national flower, national tree, national bird, national butterfly, national gemstone and national sport.

They were picked up and officially announced at various times. There are also several other symbols that do not have official acknowledgment or announced as national symbols, but are considered as national symbols at the local level. Emerging trends in the tourism industry in Sri Lanka points the way to tourists seeking more traditional experiences over conventional ideals such as tours and resorts. Consequently, these tourists seek out cheaper accommodation where they can be exposed to authentic villages and richer and more rustic experiences – this gives indigenous identities a chance to be preserved and not overtaken as tourism takes hold in the more remote areas, with Sri Lankan indigenous people taking their place as a part of the attraction for tourists and are thus protected and provided with support.

Culture of Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is a tropical island lying off the southern tip of India. With rainforest-covered mountains, culture-rich cities, shrines and temples, you’ll find much to do. Watch elephants bathing in freshwater lakes, tour sacred sites and visit wildlife sanctuaries.

Language was not the only problem. Colonization was the biggest problem. Only after the move for the stiyagraha agitation he talked which included land problem too. Unfortunately Sinhalese never had a proper Leader. The so called leaders were led by the masses. So politics goes on with the support of people like.

You are not bound by the international community, true, unless it suits you. Either way you are lost. You are idiotic when you say that we are not bound to the international community.

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Store Sri Lankan Food: Throughout years of colonization and influence from other countries, Sri Lanka has adapted its food culture into a blend of different curry concoctions and tasty dishes. A few things about Sri Lankan food can be said with certainty: Whatever you choose to eat in Sri Lanka, your mouth is going to rejoice with happiness.

Fish is made into curries, and coconut in some form or another, is a dominant ingredient in cooking.

Sri Lanka being of traditional Buddhistic values, together with Hindu, Muslim, and pre-American Christian values is thus out of sync with the modern American sexual revolution culture that is imperative for America’s survival.

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court on Tuesday overruled President Maithripala Sirisena’s dissolution of parliament in a major boost to sacked prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s fight to reclaim the post from an arch-rival. The member parliament could meet as early as Wednesday to decide which of the duelling pair it backs.

Amid mounting international concern, Wickremesinghe has refused to accept his sacking and has remained in his official residence while Rajapakse has sought to build a parallel administration. He told reporters that he expected the legislature to meet Wednesday, as was scheduled before Sirisena dissolved the body to prevent a majority test. Wickremesinghe called the court ruling a “a victory for the people and a victory for decent politics in this country.

There was no immediate comment from Sirisena or Rajapakse after the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision. About Sri Lanka The UNP led petitions against the dissolution of parliament and the three-judge bench, headed by the Chief Justice Nalin Perera, gave the landmark decision to a packed court guarded by hundreds of heavily armed police and commandos. The court said it would give a final verdict on the petition on December 7, after three more days of hearings.

The judges ordered the independent Elections Commission to halt preparations for the January 5 vote, which Sirisena had announced on Friday. Tight security Security at the courtroom had been beefed up ahead of the hearing as authorities feared clashes between rival supporters. However, there was no trouble and supporters of Sirisena melted away when it was known that parliament had been restored. The United States, European Union and other nations have raised concerns over the crisis in the strategically important island nation of 21 million people.

Only China has recognised the appointment of Rajapakse, who during his decade as president until relied heavily on Beijing for diplomatic and financial support.

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